A list of webpages that I took inspiration from in the process of creating mine, along with resources that were also utilized.

Neocities webpages

hekate's homepage

oudkee's corner

fool's paradise


Gifs, blinkies and badges


Arkm's World on Neocities

pixelbank on Neocities

Caitlynn's Profile Resources Masterpost on SpaceHey


Star Trek

Vulcan Language Dictionary

Starfield Tile Background — by ArtBIT

Internet Archive — An invaluable resource.

DaFont — Download free fonts here. For my banner I used Promethean by Iconian Fonts.

Google Fonts — Open source fonts that can be used on your webpage. For my webpage I used Ubuntu by Dalton Maag.

JSFiddle — Here you can test the code of your webpage, and even tidies it up for you.

Stack Overflow — Have a coding question? Search here.

W3Schools — More coding assistance can be found here.

CSS CRT Screen Effect — Tutorial and code on how to add a CRT screen effect to your webpage.

Cameron's World — A webpage that is a tribute to the Internet of the past.